Standings RSGA Cup 2019

Standings of the RSGA Cup 2019. Who will be Marloes's successor?

The RSGA Cup is a continuous competition on various golf courses in the Rotterdam region. Alternately, strokeplay or stableford is played. Participation in 9-hole competitions yield 5 points (and 18-hole competitions 10 points). The best 10 participants also receive performance points. Below in the ranking you can see how the point distribution works exactly.

#NameGolfclub Capelle
BurgGolf ZoetermeerTBATBATotal
1.Hans Deckers132740
2.Lisa Luijkx30939
3.Marloes Hofstra221335
4.Tjalling Ament171633
5.Niels Prins2727
6.Jefke Daems2222
7.Bastiaan Verbaas2020
8.Aline Schilder1616
9.Jeff Fraanje1515
10.Frank Boswinkel1111
11.Emiel Verhaert99
Gert-Jan van Breukelen99
13.Andy Postuma66
14.Jasper Groenewoud55
Annemieke Campo55

Performance points

The performance points of a day competition are divided as follows. In the case of a tie, the points are divided. Example: three people finish in a shared fifth place, the points for places five, six and seven are added together and divided by three (24/3 = 8). In that case, rounding to a whole round number.

#9 holes18 holes

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