Affordable golf lessons for students of each level.

We advice all beginners to take the Seve beginners course. A golf pro teaches you all fundamental golf techniques and at the end of the course you obtain your golf license. Students can follow these lessons at a discount, grab that chance!

Golf course permission

€99 per person
  • 7 hours of golf lessons
  • You get acquainted with all fundamental golf techniques
  • 1 one-course instruction
  • Including rent equipment
  • At the end of the lessons you have your Seve course permission (and you can play golf at Seve on your own)
  • After these lessons you do not obtain your golf license (GVB)
  • For R.S.G.A. members only

Beginner Total

€199 per person
  • 16 hours of golf lessons (only €12.44 per hour)
  • Everything from Golf course permission worth €99
  • Everything from Seve 54 lessons worth €169
  • You save 69 euros (25%)
  • At the end of the lessons you obtain, your own golf license and are able to play everywhere worldwide
  • For R.S.G.A. members only

Seve 54

€169 per person
  • 9 hours of golf lessons
  • You get acquainted with even more advanced golf techniques
  • 2 on-course instructions
  • Including rent equipment
  • Including golf license exams (theory and practice)
  • After the lessons, you obtain your golf license (so you can play everywhere world wide)
  • For people with Seve course permission only
  • For R.S.G.A. members only

Advanced lessons

Playing golf even better

Students who have their golf license can get cheap golf lessons at the advanced level. During these lesson you get acquainted with advanced golf techniques and things like, among others, course management.

Advanced Lessons

€59 per person
  • 5 hours of golf lessons (only €11.80 per hour)
  • Techniques that improve your handicap worth €99
  • Eye for the individual
  • Course management
  • For R.S.G.A. members only

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